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I am new to openLCA. I am trying to model a MSW collection, transportation and landfill process. This is the model graph. I am not sure if I have modeled the landfill process correctly.

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You can model this more easily. Name the flows like flows not like processes (so, "inert waste", not "landfill of inert waste"). Make waste flows waste flows in openLCA (I mean, give them the "waste flow" type, with the brown broom icon). Maybe, you do not really add paper waste on a landfill in a somewhat modern waste management system. If the waste is collected once as mixed waste, and not as paper waste, textile waste, etc. separately, then I would also only model one mixed waste flow. Then, decide what is the main process in your system, i.e. the process that delivers the functional unit. I assume it could be the landfill. With one mixed waste as "waste flow" type, have mixed waste as output of SW_transportation and input into landfilling. Set this also as quantitative reference for the landfill process. The process then has no output products (unless you want to add maybe electricity generation from captured gas), but certainly some emissions. Also, select the landfill process as reference process in your product system, and the mixed waste flow that is input into the landfill as reference there. That's it! Hth, Andreas