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Dear all,

I want to setup a parametric model, extensively using parameters, aiming at "standardizing" an LCA analysis I am doing and for which I need to repeat it "many" times hence varying each time the parameters set values.

I have created 1 process with the set of parameters defined at this level.

The question: once I create more than 1 product system referring to the same process and hence assigning at each product system the same set of parameters but with different values, how are overwriting rules defined in this case?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support


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Hi Stefano,

When you create a "Project", you can add the same product system multiple times, including the relevant paramters in a scenario matrix. Regardless of what you have put beforehand, the matrix dictates the values which will be calculated.
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Thanks for your answer. This is clear as far as the "project level" is concerned. So each project will have a parameter matrix which will force each parametrs for that project to keep that valuel. What if I have two product systems based on the same process and each product system with a "parameter" sheet indicating different parameters values? It seems that parameters values are put to 0...Any experience on this?