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Hi everyone, I've stumbled on the term "verified EPD-Tool". What is a verified EPD-Tool? Is openLCA verified and if positive, how can I find the proof of verification? By the way, according to which standard can an EPD-Tool be verified? There is no such thing in EN 15804. I'm a bit confused.

I really appreciate any help you can provide and thanks for your time in advance!
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As openLCA is a very flexible LCA and sustainability tool, it probably cannot be verified as such, but it is possible to create webtools that use openLCA "in the back" with a predefined model, and have this combination verified. The webtool helps to focus and narrow down user interactions, and typically links to one or few predefined openLCA product systems with parameters that are then adjusted and changed for products of one group. The verification is then for one EPD program operator and one PCR, i.e. product group (and ISO 14025, evidently).