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I'm need to create a system with processes from EcoInvent and Agribalyse.

I downloaded the last versions of EcoInvent and agribalse from the Nexus this week. So I have the newest versions, in zolca format. I am working with the new version of OpenLCA.

I need to run calculation with EF 3.1 assessment method.

When I look at the assessment methods available in Agribalyse, There is only a EF31.1 method specific to agribalyse "interim"). So I exported the EF3.1 assessment method from EcoInvent database into ILCD file (I tried both "Ecoinvent EF3.1" and "OpenLCA EF3.1 (adapetd)"), and then import them in the assessment method of agribalyse database.

Then I merge into EcoInvent the agribalyse database (with imported assesment methods) by imported existing database.

In my new merged database, I can't run calculation with processes that come from ecoInvent and agribalyse. I will only have 0 in my results.

I tried to re-import the EF3.1 assessment method into the merged database with the ILCD file, but it does not import anything.

Can you explain me how to merge these to database to run EF3.1 calculations ? Do I have to deal with mapping files to match elementary flows (that the only idea I have but I don't know how to do that)

I will afterwards need to merge gfli as well.

I hope you can help me, I'm really struggling with that. I thank you in advance.

Have a nice day
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Hi, good question, merging two databases is not difficult (do not "restore" but instead "import" a database into another database) but the EF method is for now not available in our method package, but only provided in the ecoinvent LCIA methods we provide (and also ecoinvent provides), and these fit for ecoinvent only. 0 impact assessment results are typically a sign that the methods do not fit to the inventory data.

We will release a new pack very soon though, probably tomorrow, which will include the mapped EF3.1 methods and also an update of the IPCC2021 method, and this should be good to use for both Agribalyse and ecoinvent.
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Hi Andreas, Thank you so much for answering so quickly.
The merging of agribalyse and EcoInvent works it is the calculation of flows coming from both database that does not work.
If I calculate with an an EcoInvent flow it works, the same with an agribalyse flow. but together it won(t work.

What do you mean by pack ? What is it and how do we download it ?
It will enable us to run EF3.1 calculations of a merged database with EcoInvent and Agribalyse ?

Thanks in advance