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Dear team,


we just recently bought the collab server package.

Unfortunately I can not commit anything to the repository even though i should own all the editing and writing permissions to do so.

As it was not possible, also due to errors, to fully fetch the database without having one installed locally, I installed the exact same database (ecoinvent 3.10) on the device I’m working on in hope to create less traffic and make the process easier. This however also brought no solution: tried to commit a newly created process again. It showed the error message below. When logged into the collab-server website no pending commit or push is shown, which tells me it doesn’t even get uploaded properly.

 I am heavily confused as none of the provided function to fetch/commit datasets is working even though the server has been set up properly. I used the openLCA 2.1.

 What could be the problem here?

I'll post the error log as comment

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Which system model of Ecoinvent are you using? And the Unit- or Systemprocesses?

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The stacktrace indicates an issue with the "Check referenced changes". We will investigate this.

For now you can disable this feature in "File/Preferences -> Collaboration"
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If you are using the system process database the check needs 10G ram - it is because it loads the ids of all data sets into memory, and the exchange table of an ecoinvent system process database contains millions of entries, which leads to this heavy use of memory. In general we can recommend to use the unit process databases instead, which would run this check quickly and without much memory usage.