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Hello everyone,

I was using the server in openLCA ver.1.11. However, all my team is moving to openLCA ver.2.0.2. We were trying to connect to the server today, but there is not an option for its configuration under Preferences> Collaboration. Without this configuration, we have been unable to connect to the server. When trying to connect to a repository, there is only an option for connecting to Git repositories. Can you please indicate us how we can configure the server on the new version?

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Hi Maria,

of course this is possible, you need to connect to a version 2 collaboration server though.

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Thanks Andreas,
I am sorry, but, still I do not understand how can I configure the server in the new openLCA version 2.0.2? The box option to enter the server URL is not there. Also, I do not know where can I download the version 2 of the collaboration server, can you please indicate this to me? I have checked the openLCA webpage and the GitHub (https://github.com/GreenDelta/lca-collaboration-server-log) and there is not updates there.

Thank you for you additional help.
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