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Hi, I am currently trying to import my purchased Agri-Footprint 6.3 database into the current version of openLCA 2.1 on my MacBook Pro. I have already imported the current ecoinvent database and would like to merge them. 
The Agri-Footprint file is in zip format and cannot be imported via the import function of openLCA, neither in an existing database nor in a new one. Can anybody help me with this issue or has any advise?  
Thanks for your help!
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Hi, this could be linked to Mac, try to download not using Safari, we are providing the database in zolca format.

edit, to add a screenshot:

here you see, from the nexus site, that the database is provided in zolca format. As said, it is possible that Safari / Mac tries to help users by zippingor unzipping it somehow, therefore please use a different browser.

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Ahh - ok. Then you will need to register the database in Nexus. Can you please write to the Nexus emailaddress and mention which specific license you have (educational or commercial etc.) and then we can send you the price for this registration if you are interested. Thank you!