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When opening a database or product system of the ecoinvent 3.8 database, the error "com.helger.css.handler.LoggingCSSParseExceptionCallback" occurs.

Ignoring this error and trying to calculate the product system leads to "matrix is singular" error.

My questions:
1. What kind of error is the CSS Parse? Is there a way to find it's cause?
2. Could the matrix error stem from the CSS parse error? This might also be caused by using a lot of parameters (most of them with value 0), but I could't find the cause yet.

Full info of the log file:

Failed to parse CSS: [1:1] Encountered text '2.0' corresponding to token <NUMBER>. Was expecting one of: <EOF>, <S>, "[", ".", ":", "*", "|", <HASH>, "<!--", "-->", "@charset", "@import", "@namespace", "@page", "@top-left-corner", "@top-left", "@top-center", "@top-right", "@top-right-corner", "@bottom-left-corner", "@bottom-left", "@bottom-center", "@bottom-right", "@bottom-right-corner", "@left-top", "@left-middle", "@left-bottom", "@right-top", "@right-middle", "@right-bottom", "@footnote", "@media", <FONTFACE_SYM>, <KEYFRAMES_SYM>, <VIEWPORT_SYM>, "@supports", <AT_UNKNOWN>, <IDENT>, <PERCENTAGE>, ":not(", "@charset", "@import", "@namespace"

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The CSS parsing error is not really an error, since it is related to the MacOS systems only and there is no bug or disadvantage with it. It is resolved with openLCA 2.0.3 and higher (changelogs can be found here https://www.openlca.org/download/). I also had this parsing message on MacOS until it was removed with newer versions.

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Strange, Johannes - which openLCA version?
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Thanks, updating to 2.1 solved it!