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I am using the EN15804 add-on for Ecoinvent 3.9.1

I run calculation for provider "treatment of waste concrete, S" and treatment of waste concrete, U" with the impact method 15804+A2.

The system process game negative results and the unit process gave me positive results. The values were the same.

I think that the positive results of the unit process are correct cause there is not any kind of absorption of emission for waste concrete treatment apart from carbonation for carbon emissions.

Is the system process also correct but from a different point of view??

I thought that both processes should always provide the same result.

Can anyone help?

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Hey Matias, thanks for letting me know. So it might be still an issue. Are you also using the Lazy/On-Demand calculations? They yield the same results, just that the process contributions or the Sankey Diagram are "calculated" on-demand when clicking on it. The Lazy calculations take a few seconds (standard and preferred way to calculate results) whereas the Eager calculations take a few minutes. SSD storage can improve the speed a lot, as well as sufficient RAM (at least 8GB).

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Hello Giannis,

I raised this issue with EcoInvent before the update to 3.10. I hope they have updated it in the newest version, which i can see is available in Nexus.

If you cannot download it, i would agree that the disposal with an impact is the one to go with.

Good luck
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Hi Mathias, indeed, we are currently revising (!) the system processes for 3.10 and they are at present not available for download, but will be soon (beginning of next week latest we think). Thank you for the feedback!