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I have downloaded and zipped the NREL US LCI JSON-LD formatted complete data set, and then zipped it. When I import into an existing database in OpenLCA, the import process appears to occur (but too fast to actually be importing the data). After the import is complete, no new data has been imported.

I am using openLCA 1.7 beta on a Mac with latest OS. Any idea why this is not working?

I can download individual processes as Ecospold1 files and these import correctly.
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jsheehan303, did you ever figure this out? I have a similar situation. I've downloaded the complete data set but I can't get anything actually into openLCA. When I select "Import..." and then "Linked Data (JSON-LD)", I can get to a list of directories but I can never actually import anything.

Thoughts? Thank you!


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I had the same issue initially and then I realized that when you select "Import" in your database, then "Linked Data (JSON-LD)", you have to choose the directory that contains the .zip file of the NREL_USLCI_JSON directly imported from their website. You select this file ("NREL_USLCI_JSON.zip) and click on finish. That should work.
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Alex, thank you so much for the quick post.

I did this and it _appeared_ to work (i.e., I was able to click through and complete the import). But then it happened too quickly and the database didn't actually contain anything!

I tried this with the USEEIO data set (https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/useeiov1-1-openlca) and had the same problem.

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Thank you for sharing this database, I was not aware of it before. I downloaded it and imported it, it works well for me. When I did it, I created a "New Database" in the navigation panel (checked "local" and "Complete reference data"). Then under this new database, I right-clicked and selected "Import" and selected the .zip file as previously described. Hope that works for you.
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jskob, did you ever manage to actually import the database? I have the same problem when I do the following

(New Database (Local, Complete reference data) > *right click* > Import > File Import > EcoSpold 1 > Choose Directory > *select NREL .zip file* > Next > Finish.


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