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I use openLCA V1.8 for win64. I could restore database such as ecoinvent_34 and elcd 32, but when I wanted to import the relevant LCIA method database, something went wrong.

Here are the errors: 'failed to evaluate script', 'failed to import LCIA methods', 'error while loading impactmethod with id 41511'.

Also I have tried different openLCA versions such as V1.7.4, V1.7.2, V1.7.0, and the same errors happened.

Note that I can import method database for ecoinvent 34 with V1.6.3, but the elcd 32 method database is newer than the software version. So the elcd 32 method database still cannot be imported. What should I do?

THIS IS EXTREMELY URGENT. Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regars
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Dear YingYongappa

If you ask a new question and provide some details I will try to help you.


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