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I get an error while trying to export my results to Excel. I saw a couple more posts on the same issue but I didn't find a clear answer on how to come around this bug. Any recommendations ? 

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hm, I cannot really read these pictures, what is see is "failed to load Julia libraries" - I would in any case recommend that you download the numerical libraries, you can do this by clicking on the link in "you can make openLCA faster" in the welcome page in openLCA.

Otherwise, it is good that you describe what you want to do (and what you see as a bug) - export a product system analysis result for a calculation with LCIA works:

Provided that you have sufficient hard disc space for example.

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I am sorry, "bug" may was the wrong  word to express my issue.
After creating my product system, and after calculating I tried to export to excel as you suggested in the picture above.
This is the moment I get the Error on exporting to excel.

Unfortunately I cannot upload better quality screenshots in the comment section, however the errors from the log file are the following,  by the following order <Thread - Level - Category -Message> :

"  main  - ERROR   - org.openlca.app.App -  Failed to load libraries from <openLCA./ julia  "

"  Java FX Application Thread  - ERROR  -  org.openlca.app.wizards.io.DbImportWizard  -  datavase import failed"

"  Java FX Application Thread  -  WARN  -  org.openlca.app.editors.parameters.Formulas  -  failed to evaluate 1e8 "

"  Java FX Application Thread  -  WARN  -  org.openlca.app.editors.parameters.Formulas  -  failed to evaluate we "

"  Modal Context  - ERROR  -  org.openlca.core.database.DbUtils  -  failed to get the database version "

"  Modal Context  - ERROR  -  org.openlca.core.database.DerbyDatabse  -  failed to create database version "

"  Worker-0 Export  -  ERROR  -  org.openlca.io.xls.results.system.Result.Export   -  Error exporting results"

After reading the error names again I get the feeling that i did something wrong while importing the database. Does this list make it more clear?
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indeed this is not directly linked to the excel export ->
- download the Julia libraries and restart
- validate the database, it seems some formulas are not correct "failed to evaluate 1e8" etc. - fix these
- failed to create database: I don't know, what are you trying to do?
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I thought it was fixed but I am still experiencing some problems.
I validated my database and I chose the "you can make openLCA faster" option.

I am creating a new product system in two different ways and I get errors when I choose to create "unit process" type system. I am trying to calculate a product system of 1 single process. The process has an input of 10 flows.

When the providers are set as "S" and choosing my process type as "System process" everything works good.

When the providers are set as "U" and choosing my process type as "Unit process" the program still perform the calculation, however I cannot export the excel file. The log file still reports the same errors.
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Maybe last point: update to openLCA 1.10.3 which I used. In earlier versions, the excel export does not fit to the very large unit process product systems from newer ecoinvent versions.
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I updated my version in order to download the julia files.

I was using the version 1.9.0, in which I put the Ecoinvent 3.7. Do you think that If try to  import the same database again in the new version could fix the problem?

Thanks for your support so far
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You do not need to reimport; just make a backup of the database, to be safe, and then open the database with the 1.10.3 version.