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Hi, I am getting all my impact analysis result as zero. So i checked with the questions asked here and made sure I am using compatible database and LCIA pack. I am using the USLCI database and TRACI 2.1 for impact assessment. But still I am getting zero. Can anyone tell me what could be the other reasons?

My input is Al sheet and electricity and output is an Al formed part and I have chosen Unit process. I am attaching images here for better understanding. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Two things to check: Which version of TRACI are you using? The USLCI (assuming you are using a recent version) uses the Federal Elementary Flow List. You need to also use TRACI that uses the Federal Elementary Flow List. Both should be pulled from the federal LCA commons: https://www.lcacommons.gov/

Second thing to check is your product system. Is it correctly linked to upstream processes on the model graph? The process in your screen shot above does not have any elementary flows that are tracked by TRACI so you will not see any direct impacts from the GMAW process itself.
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Thank you so much for your reply. I downloaded the FEDEFL TRACI version, and still getting negative results. Do you think it might have to do something with the 'Autolink process' ? Because I was trying to figure out what  it does by checking the  Autolink process and figured out that removing 1 or 2 upstream processes supply chain, it gives me positive impact results?! Though I removed those supply chain randomly, not really understood it. I wanted to add  Screen shots from my analysis here but couldn't add image in comment