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i am using the alpha version of OpenLCA with very good feedback. I would like to know why in eILCD import of models is it necessary to generate new processes before creating the lifecycle model. i.e. through transformation.java

I think it would limit the import/export integrity in ILCD format.

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Hi Nicola,

good question, that is because the eILCD format basically mimics GaBi, where you make a physical copy of every process that is part of a plan, and can link this process in the plan to quite many things, and thus possibly, the same original process exists multiple time in the plan, as redundant but then potentially modified instance. It can have very different links and be otherwise different than the original process in the database.

Makeing a physical copy of the process does not affect the integrity although it is certainly not elegant, but maybe you agree that this comes from the format.

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