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if we launch a monte carlo evaluation with 1000 iteration, around the half of the iteration, it crash completely (the whole pc).

Tryed on different PC (windows 10)

here log of the montecarlo calculation until crash: https://CS93413549373.easy.nuvolaitaliana.it/invitations?share=77c8d188fac23564786d&dl=0
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I suggest to always use the lates openLCA version (currently version 2.0.2) which might resolve your issue. In 2.0.0 there was a memory leak, which means that the Monte Carlo calculation was using more memory storage in each iteration and potentially shuts down when all of your memory storage is used ... this got already resolved in version 2.0.1. The latest version 2.0.2 and the changelogs can be found here: https://www.openlca.org/download/

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great! it works now. thanks
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is there any update about this topic?