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I red on the manual of Ecoinvent 3.4 for openLCA that the ecoinvent v.3.3 and 3.4 identifiers could not be updated to match with those in ecoinvent v.3.2; so a procedure for the conversion is suggested. The first step is "Download the zip file “Convert own datasets from ecoinvent v.3.2 to ecoinvent v.3.3” available in Nexus (i.e. ecoinvent v.2.2&v.3.3 > Database details > Additional documentation)". As you see from the following picture,,. the section Additional documentation is not available.

Could you help me to download the conversion file, please?


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Ok. Please let know when you solve the problem. Thanks

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We have now added the script back to openLCA Nexus. py script location openLCA Nexus

And I also added an older documentation for 3.3 which explains these changes that are addressed (related to IDs) by the script. Let us please now if you find it useful!

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Thank you very much, but I still have some problems:
1) That link only allows downloading the .py file ecoinvent_v_3_2_conversion_to_v_3_3_report_csv.py; as described in the guide, I would need two more files: “mapping_ei32_to_ei33.csv” and “categories_ei33.csv” whose directory must be set in the pyton editor.ù
2) This procedure is to convert a process from Ecoinvent 3.2 to Ecoinvent 3.3. The guide says that it also works for Ecoinvent 3.4. Bu should I change any setting for that ?
Thank you very much
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