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is there a way for students to use openLCA as a team (as it is possible with the collaboration server I guess) for free? We are four people and we need it for a project this semester, but we can't afford to buy a collaboration server, maybe it works by creating a database that is not saved as local but as remote? I couldn't find anything on the internet how to work with the remote-database and therefore doesn't really know what to do woth it.

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Hi Josef,

thanks - the Collaboration Server is free software and you can run it on an own server. Maybe you can ask your university to set it up?

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Thank you for your help!
Right now I'm trying to set up the server myself as my lecturers don't have experience with the server as well.
As far as I got into the setup I read that I need Tomcat 8, Java 8 , Elastic Search as well as the downloads for the collaboration server itself, am I right?

Besh wishes,
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Yes that's correct, success!
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Thank you! I'll try to get it done by myself now, but I'm afraid I need to come back for help later as I am also no experienced :D