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 I opened a database that was originally in openLCA 1.11 with no errors, then I opened it in openLCA2.0 and it updated .

In openLCA 2.0 all elementary flows have now multiple impact factors in the database version created by openLCA 2.0 

This causes also problems like it being impossible to export to JSON-LD It just crashes.  the email for reporting the crash is also not working.  

# Installation details


* openLCA version: 2.0.2

* operating system: Windows 11

* os architecture: amd64

* os version: 10.0

* native libraries loaded: true

* with sparse matrix support: false

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The validation routines have been expanded, so more things are checked now, this is why you have now validation errors which you did not have in 1.11. The email should work but we'll check. The crash is often linked to insufficient memory for large exports. Do you see this in the openLCA log (help/open log file)? Thank you.